Which topics are we going to cover ?

The ones you told us were most critical today.

Our conference focus is Learn from the best, which means that we want to emphasize on 2 objectives :


1- Meeting the right people: our event is called a Forum because this is where you meet people and you can learn from them. But it should not be random, as it usually is in conferences: it should be properly targeted and planned. Therefore, we allocated 2 x 1 hour as dedicated slots for speed-meetings that you can plan through our dedicated App and make sure you meet who you should be meeting !


2- Getting the best knowledge: we have selected the topics that most pricing professionnals told us were critical to master today and we have chosen top quality speakers to share their experiences and deliver the messages to you.


Are you currently trying to improve your customer segmentation ? Looking for better ways to differentiate your prices and capture more margin ? Or trying to have your sales force comply to your new guidelines ?


Find out what we have prepared in 2018 to answer your needs !

   Agenda & Speakers

June 13th 2018

Chairman of the day

Malik Rajan


08h30 : Welcome Coffee


09h00 : Pricing simulation


09h30 : From value proposition to pricing: the journey to margin gains

How I pushed pricing to the next level at DPD



10h10 : The management of price image: improving margins, staying competitive

Examples from retailers & distributors



10h50 : Break



11h20 : Deep-Dive in 3 breakout groups

1. I started a pricing department from scratch




2. I implemented a price optimization software from a large provider






3. I developed eCommerce for BtoB activities




12h30 : Lunch


13h30 : Feedback from Deep-Dives


14h10 : Panel with 4 speakers

Where should pricing be in the organization ?

Is your pricing department in the best place in your organization today ? 

What are the pros & cons of having pricing reporting to Marketing, Finance, Sales or to the CEO ?




















14h50 : Speed Networking


15h50 :  Product launch: developing a pricing tool in-house for new products

When launching a new product with no data to back a pricing policy: how to use customer perception to build your price


16h20 : From traditional to disruptive AI powered promotions

New approaches to promotion


16h50 : Break


17h20 : Do's and don'ts for implementing a Successful Pricing Organization

Best practices from a World-leading automotive parts manufacturer


18h00 : Testimonies pricing simulation and wrap-up


18h10 : Cocktail


19h10 : Dinner




Raiza De Freitas

Pricing Manager

DPD Pakketservice

Armen Tchilian

European Sales Director


Delia Perez Paya

Head of Sales & Pricing Excellence

Etex Building Performance

Ulf Avrin

Board Member


Ej Bouter

Director Pricing & Value Sales


Devashish Saxena

VP Global Digital Business


Hemeric De Saint Chamas

Vice Président

Global Product Marketing


Jéremy Benhaim

Head of Group Pricing


Raiza De Freitas

Pricing Manager

DPD Pakketservice

Jean-Francis Froc

Directeur Pricing Alimentaire France


Murli Mahaligam

Global Pricing & Contract Manager

Albéa Group

Marion Veber

Head of Pricing


Jessica Fradier

Head of Group Pricing

ZF Group

June 14th 2018

Chairman of the day

Olivier Nocher

Head of Commercial Strategy and Pricing

08h30 : Welcome Coffee


09h00 : Customer segmentation : necessary bases for solid pricing

Understanding your customers better to increase price differentiation


09h40 : AI and Machine Learning : what it means for the future of pricing

How  to evaluate these technologies, embed them within your pricing strategy, drive adoption within your sales teams, build a business case and measure your gains


10h20 : Break


10h50 : Speed Networking


11h50 : Elasticity, Competition mapping and Offer Packaging : what are the winning strategies?

With or without data, how to build a solid fact-based price


12h30 : Lunch


13h30 : Panel with 3 speakers

Should every pricing department hire data scientists ?

Feedback from professionals with data scientists and professionals without










14h15 : Optimizing prices in real time, in a complex organization thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Optimize your prices with a new segmentation, predictive demand and stock optimization







15H00 : Break



15h30 : Price Wars: how to turn it to your advantage

Examples from BtoB and BtoC




16h15 : Chair’s closing



Mélanie Septe

Head of Pricing & Services

Cegid Group

Nick Boyer

Director of Strategic Consulting

PROS Pricing

Alberto De Benito Aznar

Manager Corporate Strategy and Pricing

Wolters Kluwer

Yannick Olekhnovitch

Head of Pricing


Caroline Laroque

Pricing Director -

Bids & Tenders


Dalina Leonor - Vicente

Former Pricing Director


Oscar Boré

Head of Innovation

and New Business

Rent A Car

Rodolphe Mas

Sales Executive




Prof. Dr. Andreas Kramer

Prof. of Pricing and Customer Value Management 

BiTS Iserlohn